1st Hall Program (10.15.14): LAGOofs Meet and Popsicle Treats, Fall Welcome Event.

Desserts don’t always compromise one’s wellness goals. Control that protein and sugar intake & pop pop that popsicle like this!

SMART Wellness Goal photos by @korittto coming soon to a Facebook album near you.

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1st Hall Dinner: 10.09.14

2 weeks with them inspired our hall name, LAGOofs.

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Kendrick Lamar




Pulled a fast one on us 8 year-olds,

Fucked up part is we were SUPPOSED to dismiss her as being over the top when really she was telling the truth.


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The exhilaration and nerves begin to settle in as I think about 4 of my residents moving in after International Student Orientation tomorrow night.

Thank you, @itsjustme_jeremy, @ekprovenzano, @nessaortiz, @michirondelle, @pauline_x3, @andyhoster, @taeeeoka, @itsjennibean, @jcsheen, @alexleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, @andreakutcher, & @nikeisdavid for helping me enliven my theme! I wouldn’t have finished decorating my hall without you.

Hall Theme: Wellness
Decorative Theme: Street Art
Street Artists (In Order of Appearance): Shepard Fairey, Alice Pasquini, Banksy, gilf!, Zoo Project, ShinShin

For Lago’s theme, I drew inspiration from my personal experience of art’s contribution to my overall wellness. Street art doesn’t always revolve around gang violence and culture. The theme doesn’t define my residents’ 1st year experience, but I hope they acknowledge through the decorations that wellness isn’t limited to their individual wellness. It extends to the wellness of our world through their personal relationships and engagement with society.

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Most of us know that California and many other western states are in a state of severe drought, but visualizing the crisis is a different story.

Getty Images photographer Justin Sullivan captured these dramatic aerial shots of California’s reservoirs and placed them side-by-side with images taken several years ago.

Aerial Photos Highlight California’s Severe Drought

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Summer Hike #9: West Ridge Trail, Rock-It Trail, Coyote Run Trail, & Mathis Canyon Trail, 5.625 mi.

Number of Trails Completed in This Park: 12 out of 27

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Summer Hike #8: Temescal Rivas Canyon Trail, approximately 2.1 mi.
PC: @bernielim

Until winter break, safe travels back to Boston, Forehead (@bernielim)!

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SPOP 9 (08.22.14-08.23.14): There’s CamiNo Place Like Home.

I still haven’t fully processed these past two months. Thank you, CPs, staffers, and SPOPpers from each SPOP, for one hell of a summer.

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Researchers at the University of California San Diego have designed an electronic tattoo—a small, flexible circuit board that can be worn just like the Spiderman temp tats I used to stick on my face—that produces an electrical current.
It works by stripping the electrons from lactate, a byproduct of sweat, with an enzyme imprinted on the e-tattoo’s sensor. In other words, it produces power from your nasty workout juice. And, the researchers say, the technology could eventually generate enough electricity to run devices like phones, smart watches, and heart monitors.
"These represent the first examples of epidermal electrochemical biosensing and biofuel cells that could potentially be used for a wide range of future applications," said research lab director Joseph Wang in a statement.

More: This Sweat-Powered E-Tattoo Could One Day Charge Your Phone | The Creators Project

Emma Watson, W Screen Tests by Lynn Hirschberg

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Trailer: White Bird In A Blizzard (iTunes 9/25, theaters 10/24)
Starring Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Shiloh Fernandez, Gabourey Sidibe, Thomas Jane, and Angela Bassett

holy butt this looks so good i hope it’s so good


An estimated 63 trillion gallons of groundwater have been lost in the ongoing drought in the western United States, a study finds. The loss has caused the Earth to lift up, on average, about 0.16 inches over the last 18 months.
Photo: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times